Free Digital Temperature App Reviews

71 add


Works great dont understand why its rating is so low.


Heyy this thing is great

5 stars

Exactly as described, has been right on every time Ive used it so far.

It crashes with the update!!!

With the newest update, it crashes as soon as you open the app. Fix this!!!

Cool but......

Yes its cool and useful but really 99.0cents for no adds and it always crashes


Location services now stays on in the top corner of my phone because of this app.. It never used to.. The app needs to be updated..

Pretty good.

Its seems fairly accurate and gives me the info Im looking for.


Just the same temp my one I have at home at it dead on the one out side


Real good app very accurate

Great app

This a great app work with my Iwatch superrrrrr job love it

free digital temperature

Just wanted a simple app to see the temperature indoors, or outdoors. Just had our roof painted with Elastomeric and was interested in the indoor/outdoor temperature difference. If this app does that I havent figured it out. ;-(


The display is too tiny, but theres always room for ads! DELETING!


Excellent! Need say more?

I like it

Its handy and easy to use. The price to eliminate the adds is minimal❗️


Very novel. Handy information. Havent found a practice application.

Accurate and Handy

I like the app, I find it to be both accurate and handy too and the adds dont bother me. In fact some of them have made me inclined to try what they are advertising too.

Trust issues

Ive now got 4 locations loaded, and most of the time two or three show exactly the same temperature, down to the decimal! Were talking about locations 40 miles apart in distance and 1200 feet in altitude. I dont think so. So, whats an app worth that is supposed to do one thing only (show the current temperature), and it cant get that right?


Exactly what I needed it to do!


Helpful indoor thermometer


App registered 78.8 consistently as it freezing cold! POS app!

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